Seaquest sells Red Shark Bikes in BeNeLux

Red Shark Bikes, the maker of the pedalo or water paddle, is sold by Seaquest in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. If you are interested in a test or renting, contact Knokke Boat who rents out the bikes in Cadzand and Knokke.

It is a highly functional pedalo that allows you to move through the water in a smooth and calm way. The bike is formed by one inflatable hull in the shape of a pedal with a chassis. This design combines the best features of a surfboard and a pedalo.

  • The central hull or inflatable board provide buoyancy
  • The chassis (itself supportive) contains the steering, traction and saddle elements. The chassis connects to the inflatable board without tools.

Hoeveel modellen zijn er?
MODEL ENJOY “Het comfortabele model dat plezier geeft voor de hele familie”
Verschillen met andere modellen: het ENJOY MODEL heeft een relaxere zitpositie en comfortabelere accessoires, zoals een gelzadel en ergonomische handgrepen, maar met alle plezier gegarandeerd.

FITNESS MODEL: “Het sportmodel om te trainen in een relaxte omgeving”
Verschillen met andere modellen: het FITNESS MODEL heeft een meer dynamische zitpositie, sportievere accessoires, een aantal dubbele propellers en een netwerk in het chassis met een waterdichte zak voor het vervoeren van energierepen.

ADVENTURE MODEL: “Voor onvergetelijke uitstapjes”
Verschillen met andere modellen: Het ADVENTURE MODEL heeft een comfortabele zitpositie, maar zijn waterdichte compartimenten zijn functioneel voor het vervoeren van proviand, kleding, slaapzakken, tenten en zelfs vishengels. Kortom, met dit model is slapen onder de sterren een mogelijkheid!

Is it stable?
Thanks to the new rudder, the Bike Surf is more stable than it looks, and also more stable and comfortable than a Paddle Surf. The rudder offers 3 functions:

  • Stir
  • Propeller PROTECTOR
  • ORZA

Once the user has mastered agility and balance (beyond a degree of fitness), he or she can experience the pleasure of surfing themselves (without taking unnecessary risks).

Are my feet getting wet, do I need a wetsuit?
Normally you don’t get wet when you get in calm water from a deck and don’t fall. Wet feet can also occur by avoiding wind and waves (two factors that make water splash), but normally the board protects you from the water and allows you to wear the sing and shoes you want.

Do I need a certificate?
The Bike Surf falls into the category of stand-up paddles, canoes and pedal-powered kayaks. No certificate is required for this. You can use the bike in any water as long as you abide by local regulations.

The speed depends on several factors, such as the model, the weather, the water and your physical abilities. Normally you can reach speeds equivalent to or higher than those of kayaks and paddle surfs.
The bike surf has the property that constant traction is generated thanks to the power on the pedals. In other sports, such as kayaking and paddle surfing, traction is lost (disturbed traction) due to the typical left-right movement.

The effort required equals the effort on a conventional bike on a flat road.
The FITNESS MODEL, which has two types of propellers, offers two modes for training:

  • Propeller A training: 150 to 180 Watts
  • Propeller B training: 100 to 150 WattsIt is very dangerous to ask more of your body than it can handle. Therefore, it is necessary that every user is aware of his or her physical abilities. Users can therefore start learning how to apply their suitable pedal rhythm. In this way, the user knows how much energy is needed to get to the destination (with extra margin in the event of unforeseen circumstances). Caution is warranted with this sport.

How does the propulsion work?
It works by a rotating pedal stroke (on top) that transmits power to a lower propeller that is in contact with the water. The ratio between the pedal and the propeller is 1 in 10, which means that a pedal stroke equals ten rotations of the propeller. This high-quality propulsion is specially designed to be 100 percent waterproof.

Do I have gears?
Yes, you have two gears:
There is no need to switch in the water because you are not going uphill or downhill. We offer two different propeller types (standard on the FITNESS MODEL), depending on the exercise you wish to do.

  • Propeller A training function: 150 to 180 Watts
  • Propeller B training function: 100 to 150 Watts
  • 1 gear to reverse and also brake

All our models can both reverse and maneuver and brake by simply stopping stairs or kicking backwards.

How is the bike transported? Are assembly and disassembly necessary?
– Disassembled: in a suitcase / backpack with wheels and the chassis separately.
– Mounted: The bikes contain extra wheels to easily slide into the water.

In a vehicle:
– The bicycles can be transported on a normal bike rack (only if the inflatable board is disconnected) because the chassis contains all the parts. The uninflated board can be transported in the trunk. In this case, it is only necessary to position the chassis and the board in order to assemble it.

12. How long does assembly and disassemble take?
5 to 8 minutes depending on the chosen mode of transport.

13. Minimum depth?
65 centimeters (approximately)

14. Maximum weight for use?

  • User: 110 kilos (approximately) with the following weight:
  • Luggage: 25 kilos (placed in and distributed over the front and back of the inflatable board)

A chassis for the whole family. The Red Share Bike chassis is designed as a multi-usable mechanical chassis. This means that with each model the chassis can be adjusted to the length of people between 1.40 and 2.10.

What maintenance should be done?
Follow the instructions in the instructions. Mainly cleaning with fresh water (when the bike is used in salt water). Thanks to the quality of the materials, we are proud to offer a product that requires little maintenance.

The weight of a bike surf without luggage? (approximate)
If you are looking to reduce the weight of the bike, we recommend the CARBON FIBER special kit (chassis + different parts).

  • FITNESS MOLDING (with Carbon Fiber Kit): 22 kilos
  • FITNESS MODEL: 27 kilos
  • ENJOY MODEL: 28 kilos
  • ADVENTURE MODEL: 33 kilos


  • CARBON FIBER chassis: 3 kilos
  • HD PE chassis: 8 kilos
  • Transmission: 3 kilos
  • Inflatable board: 12 kilos

2 years for production errors, as long as the regulations in the manual are followed (excluding pedals and saddle). 1 year for professional use.

Where can I use the Red Shark Bikes?In any watery environment as long as the user adheres to local regulations and has checked the required depth:

  • Rivers (not in turbulent water)
  • Seas
  • Lakes
  • Swamps
  • Lagoons
  • Channels, etc.

Are the bikes sustainable (environmentally friendly)?Yes, 100 respectful to nature. It is our policy that no Red Shark Bike generates sound or emissions. The bikes also lend themselves to recycling, where all parts can be easily separated to be scaled into the recycling process.21. Red Shark Bikes philosophy? The policy of Red Shark Bikes aims to generate a 100 respectful product:

  • 100 recyclable …
  • Don’t use and throw away … Sustainable and recoverable product
  • Buy your unit with the COMMITMENT that future new developments (new models) can be linked to existing models …
  • Generates no sound …
  • Generates no emissions….
  • It relaxes you go with it (generates a correct speed …)
  • Enjoy the surroundings …

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