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It is a highly functional pedalo that allows you to move through the water in a smooth and calm way. The bike is formed by one inflatable hull in the shape of a pedal with a chassis. This design combines the best features of a surfboard and a pedalo.

  • The central hull or inflatable board provide buoyancy
  • The chassis (itself supportive) contains the steering, traction and saddle elements. The chassis connects to the inflatable board without tools.

The comfortable model that gives fun to the whole family

Differences with other models: the ENJOY MODEL has a more relaxed seating position and more comfortable accessories, such as a gel saddle and ergonomic handles, but with pleasure guaranteed.


  • FRAME White PE-hd (1 frame 4 sizes)
  • BOARD: Inflatable
  • VALVE: Flat Premium-grade inflation valve (recomended inflation 11-13 PSI)
  • HANDLEBAR: RISER BAR, aluminum
  • HAND GRIPS: Ergonomics
  • BOTTLE HOLDER and BOTLE: 0,5 Liters
  • PROPELLER: A (Standard)
  • PROPELLER: B Confort
  • FIN: Removable
  • AIR PUMP: FLOOR air pump high pressure.
  • MULTI tool (13 function)
  • RUDDE 3 functions

Enjoy Red Shark Bikes

Additional information

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 1,42 × 1 × 0,15 cm


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