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DESCRIPTION: Specially formulated product to restore and maintain any kind of inflatable boat. It brings back the original color of the tubulars made of neoprene or PVC that have previously been damaged by UV rays and salt. It removes any kind of dirt, grime and stains. Ideal to prepare the surfaces of inflatable boats before any possible repairs or any permanent glueing. It removes old waxes and silicones.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Spray the product onto surfaces of 50cm², wipe with a soft brush or a sponge, then rinse and dry. For a better result, after using New Magic, we recommend to use one of the following protective waxes: New Gum Cream or Gumemp100. For new inflatable boats and/or not very dirty, or in case of frequent washing we recommend to dilute the product up to 1:1 with water.

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