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Experience the unforgettable

Seaquest, the company that stands the search for the grail, on or in the water.

Seaquest is the parent company above such well-known names as Wavekarting, Knokke Boat, The Boat Butler and Vaar Academy. Seaquest is a Belgian company with 100% Belgian shareholders, with an office in the Netherlands.

In addition to investing in nautical companies, Seaquest does business under its own name. For example, Seaquest has taken on sales of brands such as Red Shark Bikes, Aquaspirit and Blue Marine

Seaquest also has its own web shop that sells various products online, including Blue Marine, Red Shark Bikes and our GIN.

Knokke Boat C-gin

The Knokke Boat C-Gin brings home memories of sun, sea and companionship with family or friends from the beach. You imagine yourself in the dunes, on the border between the salty sea breeze and the grass-green polder landscapes. The tangy flavor of sea buckthorn berries is flanked by delicious shore herbs.

Ideal GIN to drink at home as a nice reminder of our seal exploration or as a gift for family and friends.